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Contest! I am designing some new gemstone necklaces with several different types of Pearl Pendants such as Baroque Pearls, Tahitian Pearls & Round Fresh Water Pearls. They are not finished yet, stay tuned for final pieces to be announced. The first person who...

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Redesigning Pearl Earrings

I have many requests to create new jewelry either from an older piece of jewelry that you are not wearing anymore or some pearls or gemstones that you picked up in your travels and would like to turn these into a lovely piece of jewelry. Here is what I recently...

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Jewelry Fit for Royalty

I wanted to tell you just how much I love my bracelet and earrings. I wore them at Christmas with pride and delight as I received numerous compliments, and I am sure they will also be enjoying the Valentines' holiday with me as an added bonus!  I will have to...

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How to Layer Your Necklaces

It's often said that less is more when it comes to accessories, but sometimes, a single piece of jewelry just isn't enough to bring your outfit together. Layering your jewelry can make a bold statement that really sets your look apart. But that doesn't mean you should...

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Preserving your Jewelry

Keeping your Jewelry Shiny & Clean Overexposure to oxygen will tarnish your sterling & copper jewelry. Keep your pieces separate from each other in small zip lock bags with a small piece of anti-tarnish paper (ask me for a few). Using air tight containers to...

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How to Heal Yourself Creating Beautiful Jewelry

Creating beautiful jewelry started eight years ago as a hobby, never realizing how big of an impact this would have on my health in a positive & healing way. As I explored this new world of designing jewelry, I was transported into a new world of endless...

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How to Re-purpose Pearls

Have you ever gone traveling & returned with a few pearls & didn't know what to do with them? Read how I can re-purpose pearls into a custom jewelry set. Wendy approached me with some lovely fresh water pearls that she purchased in Hawaii a few years ago to...

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Custom Orders Just for You

I received an email from a referral asking for a sterling silver necklace with a Pink gemstone that would match her earrings that she purchased from me several months ago.  Everyone has busy schedules so we were both ok with emailing ideas back and forth. So first, I...

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Necklace Lengths

Do you ever wonder how long a necklace should be?  Here is a visual to illustrate traditional necklace lengths and helpful jewelry making tips that I abide by as a jewelry designer.

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